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  • ASTR 201

  • Astronomy 201: The Universe Story

  • Description

  • In the last one hundred years, science has given us an incredible story of who we are and why we are here. This seminar surveys the history of the universe from the big bang to today. Along the way it will synthesize information from cosmology, geology, natural history, archaeology, and human history in an attempt to create a coherent, scientific narrative of the deep origins of humanity.

  • COMM 120:

  • Speaking and Reading English -- Current Events

  • Description

  • This program provides an opportunity for students to improve their ability to read and speak English. The focus will be on reading and discussing current events. Elements of communication that were addressed in COMM 101 (Public Speaking) will be emphasized, including: pacing, volume, eye contact, organization, and appropriate use of time. In addition to improving their English fluency, students can expect to become better informed about current events around the world.

  • DRAM 103:

  • 文本、戏剧与电影

  • 本课程选取经典而吸引人心的电影、戏剧作品,并对它们做四部分的学习:赏析、剧本细读、文本到表演转化分析、策划与表演实践。我们会探讨白纸黑字如何被转化成激动人心的表演,探讨同一剧本为何会有差别悬殊、效果截然不同的表演形式,并且通过对于关键细节和片段的讨论、乃至自己的演绎尝试,来更深入地体会这个富于想象力与无线可能性的创造性转化过程。

  • ENGL 232:

  • Audio-Visual English 英语视听说

  • At the end of the course, each student enrolled in ENGL 232: Audio-Visual English will communicate more fluently in English than he or she could before taking the course. Furthermore, through methodical and focused training, students will develop fundamental skills in understanding real-life, authentic video-audio materials in English, as well as their ability to express their own ideas clearly and precisely. Several specific aspects of English-language skills will be addressed, but the main emphasis will be on improving basic language comprehension and oral communication skills, so that the students will have a certain degree of spontaneity and fluency in conversing with foreigners by the end of the course. 

    Secondly, students enrolled in this course will be expected to learn about the instructor’s specific area of interest – such as art, music, movies and documentaries, history, architecture, environment, math and science, technology, etc. Each section of this course will be slightly different, depending upon the instructor’s interests, but the overall emphasis, stated above, will be on increasing English fluency.

    It is prior for junior. Expect subject representative, two more sophomore can attend the class. It depends on English basis and professor's choice.

  • ENGL 356:

  • The Film Experience: Form And Critique

  • This course provides a general introduction to the discipline of film studies as well as the basic tools of and approaches to film analysis. We will examine how elements like mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, and sound work together to create meaning in a range of films and how films function in society to circulate ideas and ideologies. Through screenings, readings, discussion, and writing, you will develop a formal and aesthetic appreciation of film and understand how cinema has developed globally and locally as art, technology, and social practices from the late 19th century to the digital age.

  • ENGL 382:

  • Introduction to Linguistics

  • This course provides a general introduction to linguistics, the scientific study of human language. In the first part of the course, we will focus on the core areas of linguistics: phonetics and phonology (sound structure and patterns), morphology (word structure), syntax (sentence structure), and semantics (the meanings of words and expressions). In the second part of the course, we will use what we have learned to investigate a variety of other topics – including how the meaning of an utterance changes depending on the speech situation, how language changes over the time, how language and culture interact, how language is acquired, and others. 

  • ENGL 452:

  • American Literature

  • This course provides a survey of American literature from the colonial period to the twentieth century. While reviewing the historical, social, cultural, political, and intellectual developments that gave rise to the literature, it focuses on the individual selections themselves as outstanding expressions of the American literary heritage. It employs critical thinking and writing skills in the analysis of a wide variety of selected readings.

  • MUSI 220:

  • 流行音乐制作/创作/演唱的基本知识探讨与实践

  • 本课程作为前两个学期“流行音乐文化的创意形成与实践”的延续,并根据之前的教学经验,同学的兴趣需求后,进行专项的知识探讨与实践。因课程较具针对性,故拟择优挑选(前两个学期课上的同学,根据成绩、意愿与学习态度)以及具有一定乐理知识、乐器,唱歌专长的其他同学,以小班制(5~6人)互动(含一对一专项指导)于2016年下学期block5开始(2block@2学分)授课。

  • PSYC 100:

  • Psychology in everyday life

  • This course introduces students to the major ideas of psychology by analyzing events in everyday life. Students will explore the possible causes and the effects of their own and other peoples' actions, thoughts, and feelings. To expand their knowledge of the variety of human experience, students will read from the internet, watch movies and documentaries, interview other people, and generate written and oral analyses of what they encounter. Course meetings will primarily consist of discussions centered on these analyses.