About XWC

Xing Wei college is a different kind of college.

Here at Xing Wei, we are committed to fostering innovative thinking and cultivating skills that will adapt to our rapidly changing world.

Though Xing Wei students come from different backgrounds, they share a common goal: to understand our world and discover their place in it. Our students experience a different kind of college at Xing Wei.

In addition to a liberal arts education, Xing Wei students learn from student self-government. As our students manage the college, they learn real responsibility and take ownership of their education.

The first liberal arts college in China

A Xing Wei Education

Xing Wei’s motto is “freedom, passion, conscience.”

Our distinctive approach to hands-on learning, teamwork, and educational freedom, allows our students to develop and learn beyond the classroom.

As Xing Wei students take an active role in managing the college, they must learn interpersonal communication.

As our Xing Wei students engage in a liberal arts learning environment, they learn to understand concepts of freedom and conscience. And as the Xing Wei students undertake the responsibility of their own education, they will develop their own interests and passions.

A Xing Wei education aims to be more than traditional classroom teaching.

Here our students learn by doing. Working hand-in-hand with coaches and mentors, our students learn how to communicate with each other, take individual responsibility, and problem solve through real-world experience.

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Xing Wei Stories

Xing Wei College trustee Lv Jia

found ART as a common language
to travel around the world.